[PHOTOS/VIDEO][AD] G-Dragon for G-Market’s “1.25 Miracle Marketplace” 140318

 photo gm1_zpsbc5ec433.jpg

G-Dragon along with G-Market is sponsoring an event called “1.25 Miracle Marketplace” to raise money to help those less fortunate. Below you can view the commercial for the event or click the link to view the actual G-Market page. It seems that in exchange for the donation you will receive a photo or MP3 of one of the contributing celebrities. We are not sure any of the specifics otherwise.

G-Market “1.25 Miracle Market”

 photo gm4_zps62c5fc2f.jpg

 photo gm2_zps0c27a3da.jpg

 photo gm5_zps38734391.jpg

 photo gm3_zpscc0cbaea.jpg


Sources: 한국기아대책, G-Market online, gilbakk75@ameblo, DCGD and BOBOG-DRAGON@weibo  


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