[MISC][Lyrics/Trans] Dirty Vibe by Skrillex ft GD & CL

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Official Lyrics Translation 

Dirty Vibe – Skrillex, G-Dragon, CL


My name is dragon

When I’m angry, I spit fire

If you don’t mind, Call me G

I got that dirty vibe

You ain’t certified

You got that funny vibe

When I shake the world, you’ll feel dizzy

That’s right, we do it dirty

We gon’ celebrate

Every fuckin’ day

Try to copy me

That’s right, dirty

That’s right, dirty

Even dirtier

Dirty Vibe


Seoul City



Hold up, you in the presence of a queen

Ow! Turn up

All the pretty bitches love me, unnie

Mouth full of gold with them jheri curls

Stuntin’ in some Prince shit

Diamonds and Pearls

I’ll be on my worst behavior

Hold my purse

Runways and strip clubs

I be making it work cuz

I’ll be 01 till i die

Middle finger up so high

Dirty vibe, Dirty vibe

Jump on that (Dirty Vibe)

GD: I don’t pop molly I rock microphones

Point it at yo girl, watch her ass sing along

CL: Talk shit with the prettiest lips

Blow a kiss

Kick a hole in your speaker and then split

GD: Do it just for fun

I come second to none

Swervin’ in the lambo like a son of a gun


What you ain’t (x2) know

I’m yo girl’s lesbian crush

She ain’t with you she be rollin’ my dirty vibe


G to the D motherfucker (who am I?)

I am Seoul, Motherfucker

Over the seas and over the mountains

I still be on the come up

Get it huh? Eat this, motherfucker

I’m always like a gentleman, but if you just give me a mic I freeze everyone like ice like it’s my habit

Enjoy it dirtily again like the beginning

G-duh to the feet up

I’m as dirty as they could

And there’s only one

Korean lyrics from Melon Translated by bigbanggisvip


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