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[enews24 이진호 기자] G-DRAGON is gaining interest for his active collaboration works and exchanges with famous pop-stars in the U.S.

G-DRAGON participated in Skrillex’s new album ‘Recess” with CL. The album ranked first in the main album chart of the U.S. I-Tunes, and is becoming all the more popular.

The title song of the album “Recess,” “Dirty Vibe,” was participated by G-DRAGON, CL and TEDDY of YG’s main producer and CHOICE 37. Strong beats and rapping of G-DRAGON and CL are impressive in the song.

G-DRAGON’s “COUP D’ETAT” and GD&TOP’s “KNOCK OUT” was a collaboration with DJ Diplo, and he also took part in Skrillex’s album.

Skrillex is a world-famous dub step DJ, and he is the one who raised popularity of the genre, which was not mainstream. Skrillex won 3 Grammies for 2 consecutive years. It is regarded that G-DRAGON and CL’s participation in his new album, which is released in 3 years, is very meaningful.

The world-renowned musician Pharrell Williams mentioned G-DRAGON in his letter to Korean fans.

He said, “Good morning, Korean fans” and added “SHOUT OUT TO G-DRAGON,” with which he revealed his friendship with G-DRAGON.

Pharrell is a U.S. R&B composer/producer and a vocalist. His name became popular in and out of the country last year when he participated in the making of hit songs such as Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

With an interview with a famous U.S. magazine “Hollywood Reporter,” G-DRAGON said “The person I most want to work with is artist Pharrell Williams. He is my only ‘idol.’”

In G-DRAGON’s regular second solo album “COUP D’ETAT,” Diplo, Baauer and Missy Elliott collaborated.

With GD’s active exchanges and collaboration with the U.S. pop-stars, many eyes are on him whether his popularity and standing will be taken to another level.

Source: YG-LIFE


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