[PHOTOS/VIDS][Fantaken/Instavid] G-Dragon at Thinking of You Singapore Fan Meeting 140315

 photo sfm30_zps04093931.jpg

 photo sfm32_zps3c186b2c.jpg




 photo sfm24_zps75679ef6.jpg

 photo sfm26_zpsace35690.jpg

 photo sfm25_zps6246487f.jpg

 photo sfm21_zpse4507a81.jpg

 photo sfm23_zpsa4cd3436.jpg

 photo sfm22_zps3d993658.jpg

 photo sfm14_zps2f775492.jpg

 photo sfm15_zps75c8fbbf.jpg

 photo sfm8_zps92183e05.jpg

 photo sfm9_zpsd17fd121.jpg

 photo sfm10_zps8121edfa.jpg

 photo sfm5_zpsbc83dbf1.jpg

 photo sfm13_zpsc95c66ff.jpg

 photo sfm4_zps2a6d5e17.jpg

#ringalinga @youngbeezzy

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@seungriseyo #v

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#gggggggggg #gdragon @xxxibgdrgn #oneofakind

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#gdragon in the hse! #gd #bigbang

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@seungriseyo @youngbeezzy twerking at the #thinkingofyou fan meet

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Sources: @sergeantkero, as tagged, yipstermatic, farahidaman, jassamint, haneydoraemon, lalunex, aisakuraharuka, danielyeo, candy_lau_, lily_p0p, ginachy, bigbangxxvips, cceliaaachan, viavnichoo @instagram.com, bigbangupdates



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