[ARTICLE]Skrillex, Diplo, G-Dragon & CL’s ‘Dirty Vibe’: Listen to the EDM/K-Pop Collaboration 140311

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The English banger isn’t the first time the K-pop stars have teamed up with Western super producers

As previously reported, Skrillex dropped 11 new tracks via his Alien Ride app leading to announcing a surprise album “Reccess.” What might be the most surprising — and most pleasant surprise on the record — is “Dirty Vibe,” an English-language, K-pop-meets-EDM collaboration between the dubstep maestro, Diplo plus K-pop stars G-Dragon and CL, who are leaders of boy bandBIGBANG and girl group 2NE1, respectively.

Over a hyperactive, twerk-ready beat, the Korean singer/rappers boast swaggerific, explicit lines in perfect English — a rarity not only for the language, but for the dirty lyrics rarely heard on the K-pop scene.

CL kicks things off telling listeners they’re “in the presence of a queen” before bragging “You ain’t know? I’m your girl’s lesbian crush” — perhaps a nod to 2NE1’s new album “Crush,” that recently broke records for K-pop albums in America. Meanwhile, G-Dragon says, “I don’t pop molly, I rock microphones,” and that he’s “as dirty as they come and they’re ain’t more than one.”

While the collaboration might appear surprising, it’s been long rumored the rapper/singers had teamed up with Skrillex after Instagram photos of the producer with with G-Dragon and CL (above) were uploaded by the K-pop stars. Plus, it isn’t the first time the duo have dabbled with Western EDM stars.

[A/N: The previous soundcloud link was already not available]

Diplo and Baauer produced the trap track “Coup D’Etat” off the “Coup D’Etat, Pt. 1” EP — that hit the Billboard 200 last summer. The 25-year-old also has teamed up with with Major Lazer, Boys Noize and with Diplo for other collabs.

Meanwhile, CL has worked with will.i.am as a part of 2NE1. The girl group featured on his “#willpower” LP with the track “Gettin’ Dumb.”

While G-Dragon has promoted as a soloist since 2009, CL the solo star only came into her own with last year’s single “The Baddest Female.” CL also has a solo track on 2NE1’s “Crush” album, the Nicki Minaj-esque “MTBD.” It debuts at No. 9 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart this week.

Skrillex’s “Recess” album, featuring “Dirty Vibe” and 10 other new tracks, will be officially released on March 18 in America.

Source: billboard


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