[ARTICLE] Jung Hyung Don reveals he has lost touch with G-Dragon 140314

 photo G-Dragon-Jung-Hyung-Don_1394806263_af_org_zpsb84c1aa4.jpg


Here’s some sad news for G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don fans!  It appears the bromance has come to a standstill.

In the latest recording of Y-Star‘s variety program ‘SS Road,’ Jung Hyung Don was taken aback by the flood of real-time SNS questions asking about G-Dragon. Consequently, Jung Jun Ha and Kim Shin Young asked, “Do you often communicate with G-Dragon these days, too?

Jung Hyung Don admitted, “There’s been no contact since the year-end ceremony.  I haven’t heard any news from him.

He then delivered a video message to G-Dragon in which he said, “Where are you and what are you doing?  Be well.

A/N: Looks like GD’s “boyfriend” is missing him these days. Aigoo busy Kwon Leadah is busy.

Source:  allkpop



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