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[스타뉴스 이지현 기자] BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON and 2NE1’s CL showcased collaboration with America’s famous musician SKRILLEX.

GD and CL recently featured in the song of SKRILLEX’s newly released album. Related personnel said, “This song is unveiled in advance.”

In some communities, their song is already being uploaded under the title “Dirty Vibe,” arousing much attention.

“Dirty Vibe”, the song just released, is of a strong beat with an addictively repetitive lyrics “Dirty Vibe.” GD and CL’s perfectly suiting rap is quite impressive.

SKRILLEX made a debut in 2010, and received Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album awards at the 55thGrammy, while also winning the top EDM album in the same year at the Billboard Music Award.

SKRILLEX was involved in GD’s 2nd full album “COUP D’ETAT” last September, and highly praised GD for his solid music world at an interview with America’s men’s magazine Complex. CL proved her close friendship with SKRILLEX by posting a photo taken with him on her social media page.

Source: YG-LIFE


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