[PHOTOS][Fantaken] G-Dragon at “Be My Sweetheart” Fan Meeting in Taiwan 140308

 photo fanm39_zps1a63d481.jpg

 photo fanm33_zps72d21874.jpg

 photo fanm35_zpse1c2a970.jpg

 photo fanm36_zps9d18a7dc.jpg

 photo fanm38_zps54a6006d.jpg

 photo fanm34_zpsc5946179.jpg

 photo fanm24_zps8ffbd486.jpg

 photo fanm27_zps4203ab27.jpg

 photo fanm28_zps61a0562a.jpg

 photo fanm22_zps4d0de953.jpg

 photo fanm21_zps27ce3de1.jpg

 photo fanm16_zpsaf066b17.jpg

 photo fanm18_zpse5bd5440.jpg

 photo fanm19_zps7bb452b8.jpg

 photo fanm3_zps0fe0c4df.jpg

 photo fanm9_zps14a1cc51.jpg

 photo fanm14_zps5998ec98.jpg


Source: as tagged (to be updated with more photos)



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