[PHOTO/TWITTER] GDragon sent a message to MNET Korea for Taeyang.. 140304

 photo Bh4g3vXCcAAfLUp_zps93f3c304.jpg


우와 대박 심심해서 문자 보내봤는데 내꺼 나왔다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 신기해신기해

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: Woah Daebak I was bored so just sent a message and it appeared ! KkKkk surprising surprising pic.twitter.com/DdRH1sIrlc

— Jacly ☆ (@ShrimpLJY) March 4, 2014

★ GD sent a message “YongBae-ya You are zzang – JiYong” to a Mnet program, and the message was shown on screen pic.twitter.com/DdRH1sIrlc

— Jacly ☆ (@ShrimpLJY) March 4, 2014

THEN A PD FROM MNET Korea Replied to him….

TRANS “@MnetMV@IBGDRGN This is Mnet PD. I was surprised Jiyong-ssi sent the message kk I didn’t know it was you till you uploaded the pic”

— Jacly ☆ (@ShrimpLJY) March 4, 2014

Sources: allkpop, @ShrimpLJY and ‏@IBGDRGN  on Twitter

Aren’t they adorable? GDYB ftw! 🙂




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