[ARTICLE] G-Dragon’s Zebra Backpack A Hit 140201

 photo gdragon_zebra_backpack_zpscbb70a3e.jpg


G-Dragon Rocks a Skirt, Heels, and Zebra Print

G-Dragon’s backpack has been increasing in popularity.

The Big Bang member was selected to model for J.ESTINA and shot photos dressed in a skirt and heels. The zebra patterned backpack that he wore in the photo has especially been a hit, as inquiries have been made from not only in Korea but from overseas as well.

A J.ESTINA rep said, “As soon as the photos were released on online, bus shelters, and magazines, numerous inquiries have been made about his style. We’ve been getting non-stop orders for the zebra backpack, especially from foreigners visiting Korea.”

He also added, “In most of our shops, the foreign customers have been placing their orders to pick them up before they depart the country.”

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld

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