[NEWS] G-Dragon says Big Bang Needs Rest?


Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon made a surprising comment saying that the group needs a time of rest.

On October 23, he tweeted, “What is happiness? Big Bang also needs ‘,’… Good friends and good memories. Everyone, have a good night. Be happy.”

The comma that he included in his tweet is called a shimpyo in Korean, which can also mean rest.

His tweet, however, was not talking about being drained from the concert tour, but rather referring to the 300th episode of MBC’s Infinity Challenge, where the Infinity Challenge members sat down and had heart-to-hearts with each other over the times they’ve shared in the past seven years.

Right before his tweet, G-Dragon tweeted to the show’s producer, Kim Tae Ho, saying, “I’ve just watched the ‘rest’ special. I like it. It makes me think a lot. Hyungs and PD, and all the staff members, Fighting! Infinity Challenge forever. ^^”

After watching Infinity Challenge G-dragon must have felt that the Big Bang members also needed a heart-to-heart moment with each other.

Seeing what G-Dragon said about Big Bang, Taeyang replied back, “Tonight will also be a long night.”

Big Bang is currently in the Philippines as a part of its 2012 Alive Tour.

Source: eNewsWorld

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