[NEWS] Big Bang sell the most concert tickets among all Korean singers in Taiwan


Big Bang have sold the most concert tickets among all Korean singers in Taiwan.

On October 22, YG Entertainment reported that Big Bang got a total audience of 20,000 excited at their concerts, part of Alive Galaxy Tour 2012, which were held in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 20 and 21.

Not only tickets for all their concerts in Taiwan were sold out, but also the profits from the concerts reached 118,550,000 yuan (based on Taiwanese dollar), which is the highest sales in Taiwan.

Such popular Taiwanese singers as Vivian Hsu, F4′s Van Ness Wu, Fu Xin Bo, and JJ Lin also attended the concerts.

Big Bang performed a total of 25 songs, including “Lies,” “Haru Haru,” “Blue,” and “Fantastic Baby.”

Arriving in Taiwan on October 19, Big Bang left Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport through another door, specially prepared by the airport, because of too many reporters and fans. Including NEXT TV, several daily newspapers covered Big Bang’s arrival at the airport.

This is the second time for Big Bang to visit Taiwan. Big Bang held a press interview in April in celebration of reaching double-platinum status, selling over 20,000 copies of Alive. They received a lot of attention from Taiwanese people and major news sources at that time.

Big Bang will continue their world tour in the Philippines, Malaysia, the U.S., Peru, Hong Kong, and Japan.


Source: en.korea.com

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