[NEWS/VIDEO] Danny Hopes Big Bang’s G-Dragon will Come Out on ‘Danny From L.A.’

On the third episode of Mnet’s Danny from L.A., 1TYM’s Danny revealed his wishes for G-Dragon and Big Bang to appear on the show.

Danny with co-host Kevin Shea and DJ Z, highlighted some of the biggest issues in the K-Pop industry in the past months, covering Psy’s success, the T-ara’s controversy, Superstar K4 and rumors of G-Dragon producing YG’s new girl group.

As a member of the YG family, Danny noted that the show will be following Big Bang when the group is in Los Angeles in November. He mentioned that he hopes to get G-Dragon on the show to talk a little about his work and activities.

“I’m going to call him up after the show because I want to figure out if he is going to do this – I hope he is,” said Danny.

Kevin Shea, who’s still new to K-Pop asked if G-Dragon was the next Teddy in YG Entertainment.

Check out Danny and Kevin’s K-Pop highlights below!

Source: Mnet via enewsworld

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