[INTERVIEW/NEWS] G-Dragon Says He Loves Being Crazy

There′s nothing sadder than someone who′s never gone crazy over something before, and there′s no moment more delightful than that moment when you realize time has flown past while you were occupated with something.

G-Dragon, the member of Big Bang who recently made a comeback with his first solo album in three years, has gone crazy before, and is still crazy now.

He′s so crazy he even gave the title Crayon to his new single, which stands for ′Cray (crazy) + Yong (′dragon′ in Korean)′. He was, of course, crazy about music when he made his debut as a singer, but even after all this time he still can be said to be a man crazy about music.

This is why so many people look forward to seeing G-Dragon perform alone onstage as much as they look forward to Big Bang′s next songs. As if he didn′t want to miss the chance to impress, G-Dragon promptly came back with a new album this September 2012, and packed it with songs of G-Dragon, by G-Dragon, for G-Dragon.

“When I′m in Big Bang, it doesn′t look good if I stand out alone. Teamwork comes when you try to get the synergy out of what each member can do best. When I′m alone, however, it′s completely different. I decided on everything from the styles to the music my own way, the way I wanted it. I could feel more comfortable since I could do whatever I wanted. Out of 100, I would give this album 88.”

He seemed pretty satisfied with his new album, but it also seemed he would give One of a Kind from his second solo album full marks. That′s how confident he was about the quality of his album.

Of course he does have his concerns: he′s worried about how long these good times will last.

“You never know what will happen. If people say I′m at the top, then I must be doing well. I hoped people would see me that way, and so it means I fulfilled my dreams faster than others and I can dream bigger dreams now. It′s just that since I don′t know what will happen tomorrow, I have to prepare for the future that will come 10 or 15 years later starting now.

Two or three years ago, my members and I had a lot of concerns. I talked a lot with Taeyang, who started on music around the same time I did, about whether we thought we were going in the right direction. The answer I found is to try to bridge the gap between my life as Kwon Ji Yong and my life as G-Dragon the best I can, and continue to write the music I want.”

He then added, “I′m working with the music I worked with since I was little and can′t help but work with in the future, so I′m happy; I′m just short on time.”

He even said to a question asking him whether he was happy now, “I′m happy,” with a laugh.

This singer was unexpectedly positive. He said he even tries to pass up the stress that keeps piling up on him.

“If I stay depressed, it′s my loss. I have to shake it off quickly and try to think good thoughts, and that′s when I can be a positive influence on others. I try to live with a good mood. (Laugh)”

G-Dragon then said he keeps telling himself, “You′re doing great.”

In the hour long interview, G-Dragon showed that he knew how to love himself, and knew how to enjoy his music.

Everything depends on how you think about it. It may seem obvious that G-Dragon would be happy, as he is successful as a singer, but many doubt whether it is true happiness. G-Dragon continues to mature inside amidst such attention as much as his music, as he crosses the line from boy to man.

“The reason I′m happy these days is because even I′ve started to think I′m crazy. I admit, I do look crazy onstage. I′m happy that I can be crazy onstage,” he said, and added passionately that only music makes G-Dragon whole.

This mindset is why G-Dragon′s ′crazy′ second solo album is worth listening to.

Photo credit: YG

Source: enewsworld

NOTE: No copyright infringement intended.

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