[NEWS] G-Dragon chooses T.O.P as Big Bang member he has the least amount of contact with

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon selected T.O.P as the member whom he has the least contact with.

G-Dragon made his first domestic radio show appearance as a solo artist since 2009 on the September 19th radio broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up‘.

When asked which member of Big Bang he least stays in contact with, G-Dragon selected T.O.P and revealed, “The other members are young so they frequently contact me, but T.O.P doesn’t do that.”

He then went on to explain, “T.O.P is usually like that. If the members are texting and open up a chat room, he doesn’t really join in on the conversation. But he says he doesn’t realize this.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon also caught the attention of listeners after confessing that he doesn’t have much experience when it comes to dating.

Source: XSports News via Nate

Credits: allkpop

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