[NEWS] Big Bang′s G-Dragon Talks about His Envy Toward Psy

G-Dragon voiced his envy toward his globally acknowledged senior and label mate, Psy.

The singer said in an interview with enews held on September 19 at the YG office building, “Things that could only happen in dreams are happening to Psy hyung (big brother) every day now. Even outside of our ties as colleagues and label mates, I′m envious and I′m happy he′s doing great.”

Psy ranked 11th on Billboard′s main chart, the highest rank for a Korean singer, and has also recently been appearing in many American broadcasts. Many Korean singers have dreamed of venturing to the U.S., but Psy is the first to make a breakthrough in such a short time with a Korean song.

G-Dragon said, “I talked with Psy hyung when Gangnam Style was released, and I never knew things would go like this. I probably won′t understand how he feels 100 percent, but I think I get it because Big Bang has won an award at the EMAbefore, too.”

He then added, “Regardless of genre, I think highly of Psy hyung because of the outcomes he′s made for himself. I believe I also will benefit since we′re in the same agency. Big Bang and 2NE1 should work hard for our next albums too. I believe if he makes it big, it′ll become easier for not only those from our agency, but also other singers to make their ways into America. The future is more brighter.”

“Through Psy hyung, I saw that we don′t have to record songs in English just because we′re going overseas,” he said. “Like we listened to pop songs when we were little even though we didn′t understand them, I believe if it′s good music, it′ll work.”

G-Dragon recently released his second solo album One of a Kind, and is promoting his single Crayon.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment, Kim Byung Kwan

Source: enewsworld

NOTE: No copyright infringement intended.

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