[INTERVIEW/NEWS] G-Dragon’s 19+ Interview

Lyrics is full of confidence.
– “I’m still young, but I’m getting old so I’m changing in life, thought and so on. This is a process to grow into a man. I have many weak points. But I think I looked great when I was on the stage. Instead of being pressed for time, I became more confident and relaxed.

There are many experimental songs
– “I thought it’s not that bad to try all kinds of music that I wanted to do since I was young. Of course there was burden of risk. But I think people accept it as it is and don’t care whether it’s usual or not because of my image.”


What do you think of your image?
– “When I saw myself being on the stage (through TV), it seemed to be crazy. But I really like it. I can’t explain exactly how I felt, but it felt like my adrenalin was going.”


Do you have any point of compromise when your ideal crushed into reality?
– “Of course I have. I shouldn’t be too unusual in Korea. There are some rules that I should obey, so I should compromise anyway. I always keep fighting with that in my mind. Well it’s okay now because I’m young and vibrant but I’m worried about the future. When I am older….”


Is there any difference between now and 3 years ago?
– “I became a bit sly. I just had only will when I released my 1st solo album. I learned how to control my feelings. It seems to be calculative but it also seems to be smart. I cannot listen to my 1st solo album. I just can’t. I tried to make this album so that I won’t regret listening to this album 3 years later.”


Is the peak of musician’s life or just beginning?
– “No one knows what will be happening. There will be a downhill someday. I think I’m doing well now. Because I already achieved my goal much earlier than others and and I can have bigger dream so yes, I’m in good situation. But I don’t know whether I will do music 10 or 15 years later. I want to show as many as possible when I can do well. When I don’t seem to be crazy on the stage, it will be over. That will be the end. And then I will just be a producer for someone not me. I’m preparing it step by step.”


Do you have any burden? Because it seems like people put too much expectation on you.
– “Well, I am not stressed but yes I’m thinking about it. I can grow up through this agonizing. But I don’t obsess on it that I should find new one and I should be different. I don’t need to do that. Music should be pleasant to listen to. That’s all. If I make song and think “I should make hit song”, people become aware of that. Expressing my own feelings instead of being greedy. I think it’s the best way in current situation.”



What do you want to show through this album?
– “I was formed too tight so I seemed distant. It seemed that I was made of stone. But you know, I’m not. I want to show the way I am. How I live, how I play and so on.”


That XX is not that strong even it’s rated 19+.
– “I’ve never thought about the other words like “That jerk” or “That guy” instead of “That bastard”. Although “That bastard” is not that good word but I wouldn’t have wanted to sing if it hadn’t been “That bastard”. I made this song only for that feeling. To be honest, I feel not that good for the new rule to classfy MV. I feel sorry for idol groups of course, but I feel more sorry for indie musicians who have strong/unique music and idea.”


People look on you with jaundiced eyes.
– “If I have cared what people had thought of me and then I’ve walked on eggshells, I couldn’t have done anything. Bad words or good words, these are just their opinions. I keep doing my best so I think they will accept me someday.”


There are Kim Tae-Hee, Kim Hee-Sun and Jeon Ji-Hyun in title song Crayon.
– “They are not my ideal types. They are just classic beauties. It doesn’t mean that the others are not beautiful. I mean, everyone can agree that they are very beautiful. Actually I like Han Ga-In.”


Between Kwon Ji-Yong and G-Dragon, what’s difference?
– “Until 2 years ago, all of members had many worries about “Are we going well?”, “What will we be able to do if we fail or if our popularity falls off?”. I think closing a gap between G-Dragon and Kwon Ji-Yong would be a wise life. If not, I will feel very sad. Music is what I’ve done since I was young and also what I’ll do in the future. So I recognized it and accepted this lifestyle so I’m living happily now. Although I’m running out of time.”


Imagine the moment that you should say goodbye to music?
– “It’s hard. I think I can’t do anything. First of all, there’s nothing I can do well except for music. Going through many things, I realized thinking bad things wasn’t good for me at all. I can make good music when I feel happy. Music that I made when I got stressed, has bad impact on people.”


PSY became a world star.
– “Cool. He deserves high praise for this remarkable accomplishment. No one expected that this album got succeeded like that. I cannot feel his all feelings but yes, something like dream has been happening everyday. Of course I envy him a bit and I feel so happy for him. I expect that if PSY opens the door to the big league, destination that all singers want to go will be close to us. We have bright future.”


Do you have any plan to go to America?
– “Rather than talking loudly that going to America, making good music that people all over the world can listen and enjoy, should come first. If I make good music that they can enjoy and that I’m certain of success, I can move on to the next stage naturally. Look at PSY. Language is not important.”


Source : Naver News

Translated by Lucy@forever-gdragon.com

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