[NEWS] G-Dragon releases “Crayon” MV

After unleashing his latest EP ‘One of a Kind‘ and dominating the charts, G-Dragon has finally released his long awaited music video for “CRAYON“.

Co-produced and co-written by YG Entertainment’s representative producer Teddy and G-Dragon himself, the name ‘CRAYON’ is the shortened version of ‘CRAZY ON’, derived from the combination of ‘CRAZY + G-DRAGON’. Parallel to the title, the official title song is said to represent a G-Dragon who is crazed about an unspecified thing, and is expected to showcase his unique color.

The track is a lot more more hip-hop than what we’re used to from the Big Bang leader, while the music video takes to its namesake, “CRAYON”, being very colorful and visually appealing.

Check out the MV below!

Video Source: BIGBANG

Source: allkpop

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