[MISC][Lyrics] G-Dragon Feat. Kim Jong Wan of Nell – TodayToday English Translation

Again today, I talk as if nothing’s wrong

I say that I don’t have a girlfriend and secretly turn off my phone

I want to be comforted by you tonight so don’t ask me anything anymore

And keep this a secret so she’ll never find out

Yeah, the moment I first saw you – no more – I couldn’t see anything

Just for today, I pretend that I don’t have a girlfriend

What has taken over me? I know I shouldn’t do this, this is wrong

Is this a one-night stand? What are you talking about? It just seems like that

* So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.

Today, I’m free like the wind, I’m rockin’ my life away

Again today, I’m lonely and I give my heart to her

I leave lingering signs to her, saying that I don’t wanna be alone

I tell her that I broke up with my lover and that she’s my new person

I wonder if my girl, who is waiting for me, has fallen asleep

The dawn sky is still dark so let’s just rest here for a bit

Let it ring out through the night rapapapampam

Even if I’m in too deep and I can’t get out

When tomorrow comes, I’ll go back to her

* Repeat

Yea, hey baby – I got something to tell you, you know

Even I think I’m too much – I was so innocent at first

Later, I enjoyed life, it was awesome but I still felt empty

She was angry and after she found out the truth, she grew cold

She got really cold – I stuttered and gave so many excuses

I started to hesitate – should I be honest? How can I tell her?

“You alone are not enough for me” should I say that?

The love room is filled in my heart today and guests stay for free

* Repeat (x3)

Source: popgasa

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