[NEWS] GD & T.O.P show off contrasting looks, ‘Dandy vs. Punk’

Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P departed to Shanghai, China on the 8th from the Incheon International Airport. The two stars were leaving to attend a fashion show there.

G-Dragon and T.O.P had both shown off stylish fashion on this day, but their concept was the complete opposite. T.O.P wore a black trench coat and a hunting cap for a dandy look, while G-Dragon wore a shirt with holes on it and a beanie for a punk look.

After the photos of the two stars were posted online, G-Dragon’s tattoos on his hand and chest became a hot topic, as the netizens tried to find the meaning behind them. There seemed to be a tattoo of letters on his chest and the tattoo on his hand read ‘XX SMILE’.

G-Dragon was also seen receiving letters and gifts from the fans and he was seen holding them in his hands until he entered the departure area.

G-Dragon has recently released the song ‘That XX’ and he’s been dominating the online download charts. T.O.P will be making a comeback to the big screen with the movie ‘Alumnus’.

Source: kpopfever

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