[ARTICLE] G-Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’ Hairstyles 120902

True to his song title, Big Bang leader G-Dragon is definitely one of a kind in many respects, but if there’s an area in his life that personifies this characteristic the most, it’s all in his head—er, hair.

When it comes to his hair, G-Dragon’s motto seems to be ‘the crazier and weirder the better,’ so we’ve gathered some of his wildest hair moments below.

The Mohawk

At this point, the Mohawk is more overdone than original among idol stars, but G-Dragon has managed to put his own spin on the tired hairstyle time and time again.

From Mohawks to faux hawks and everything in between, we’ve seen it all—thanks to G-Dragon.

Seaweed hair

Big Bang splashed back onto the K-Pop scene earlier this year with fifth mini album Alive, but what also made huge waves was G-Dragon’s seaweed hair.

We’ll admit, the hairstyle took a little getting used to, and as if the long lock wasn′t bizarre enough, we learned it was also high maintenance.

The Mushroom

G-Dragon donned a similar platinum blonde ‘do for his first solo single Heartbreaker, but he topped himself with the mushroom hair he rocked for Monster.

Ooh, aah, see how it moves! Get in line because we have first dibs on G-Dragon for our shampoo commercial.

Parted pink

We didn’t get to see G-Dragon’s hot pink hair move onstage, as it was essentially an SNS exclusive seen mostly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but it was electrifying enough to catch our attention and make this list.

We particularly liked the complimentary center part as well as the crazy facial expressions and poses it brought out of G-Dragon.


From cornrows to pigtails and bandanas, G-Dragon brought back every 90s hip hop hairstyle known to gangster rappers for latest single One of a Kind.

We’re usually turned off by pretty boy K-Pop stars posing as thugs, but the music video’s over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek (we hope) salute to gangster rap hairstyles was so un-be-weave-ably perfect.

Source: eNewsWorld

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