[ARTICLE] G-Dragon’s Cutest Old School Moments 120902

Before G-Dragon was the fearless leader of Big Bang, he was a superstar-in-training.

Most of his fans know that G-Dragon has been in front of the cameras since he was a tiny tot, and while he’s killing us with his charisma now, then, he was killing moms with the cute.

We’ve rounded up some of G-Dragon’s cutest old school moments for you below, so read on and try to keep the goo-goo-gaga baby talk to a minimum.

Baby G-Dragon dances

If G-Dragon seems like a natural born idol star and leader, it’s because he’s had a lot of training, as he had his first taste of the spotlight at a young age.

Before he was making a lot of noise with Big Bang, G-Dragon was a pretty big deal among child stars and stage moms as a member of Little Roo’Ra.

Baby G-Dragon acts

Like many idol stars, the Big Bang members have dabbled in acting since making their idol group debut, but as always, G-Dragon has proven to be way ahead of the game, having dipped his toes in acting as a child actor.

We’re still waiting to see if G-Dragon will ever return to the acting world, but in the meantime, watch baby G-Dragon’s Oscar-worthy performance in the clip below. But pay close attention because it’s all in the first 10 seconds. Blink and you’ll miss it!

GD is a Hip Hop Gentleman

Although G-Dragon is known as Big Bang’s leader, he was building up his resume way before the group’s debut, having rapped on various YG Family tracks.

Nothing says old school hip hop like baggy T-shirts and Air Force Ones, as seen in the music video for YG Family’s Hip Hop Gentleman.

Pre-Big Bang G-Dragon practices hard

Although G-Dragon has contributed to various YG Family tracks like the one above, his musical career took off with Big Bang.

G-Dragon may make being an idol star look easy, but it took a lot of training and hours in the YG practice room to make him the performer he is today.

Pre-debut clips of the singer floating around on YouTube give fans a raw look at the oft flashy idol star to reveal that there’s actually incredible talent hidden beneath the glamorized surface.

The clip below reminds us that before G-Dragon was rocking the designer duds, he was pounding the pavement in sweats and a T-shirt to get the moves just right.

Source: eNewsWorld

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