[NEWS] “In the End” Who Will Be Named on G-Dragon’s New Track? 120903

Earlier today, YG Entertainment released the tracklist for G-Dragon’s comeback mini album “One of a Kind” and also released the title of his comeback single “Crayon.” But, the attention of the media and the public was caught by the listing of a track called “In the End.” The listing says “ft. ? of YG New Girl Group” but no other information is available to clue the fans into which member of YG’s as yet un-debuted girl group will be featured.

G-Dragon’s comeback has been closely associated with YG’s un-debuted girl group as he will be producing their debut album, his first stint as a music producer, and he also selected one of their members, Jennie Kim, to play his love interest in his music video for “That XX.”

According to YG Entertainment, in the track “In the End,” there is a high probability that the new girl group member that will be featured is not Jennie Kim but another member. YG seems to be debunking speculation that Jennie Kim is the member on that track. It is also rumored that, of the members, aside from Jennie Kim, there is still one more unidentified, mysterious, beautiful member yet to be introduced to the public.

Which member of YG’s undebuted girl group do you think it might be? Check out released pictures and information on the girls on Soompi.

G-Dragon’s comeback mini album “One of a Kind” will be released online on September 15.

Source: soompi

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