[ARTICLE] G-Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’ is Filled With Hidden Treasures

The music video to G-Dragon’s new single One of a Kind has been racking up the views (850,000-plus and counting, last we checked) since it was released at midnight on August 25, and it’s proving to be a treasure hunt for viewers as they uncover some interesting details in the video.

While fellow Big Bang member Taeyang shows his support by making an appearance in the video, former America’s Best Dance Crew contestant Lydia Paek also makes an unexpected appearance as G-Dragon’s bad girl counterpart in the beginning of the video.

We also previously reported on the autobiographical nature of new single, but the music video doesn’t get any more true to life, it seems, than the sign G-Dragon is seen holding up containing his vital stats.

The placard is quickly becoming a hotly-discussed topic among viewers because of the singer’s supposed weight, which reads a shocking 127 lbs.

Finally, viewers have picked up on the fact that the scene in which G-Dragon is seen smashing glass cases filled with clothing are actually outfits that the singer has worn in previous music videos.

Remember the white blazer from his Heartbreaker days?

Fans are feasting over the music video’s stunning visuals, but we personally just can’t get over Taeyang’s hair.

He really brought the throwback GDYB concept back with the bandana.

If you haven′t already, check out the music video below and if you pick up on any other interesting details, please share in the comments below!

Source: enewsworld

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