[PHOTO][Twitter/Instagram] G-Dragon: “Y’all Ready for this?”

그리고 곧…! “ONE OF A KIND” MV 가 나옵니다. Y’all Ready For This? 으으으흐흐흐 떠어어얼려어어어어요오오오오~많은사랑부탁드립니다 꾸벅

Trans: And soon…! “ONE OF A KIND” MV will be out. Y’all Ready For This? ahahaheheheh I’m treeeeeeembliiiiiing~ hope y’all love it *bows*

Source: G-Dragon’s twitter

Translated by: Lucy@Forever-Gdragon

[A/N: OMG!! I cannot wait for the MV! It will be sure..DAEBAKKK! 😀 I am so excited!! Are you too?!? :)]

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