[NEWS] Idols Get Organized by Debut Years

With so many idol groups out in the K-Pop these days, it’s difficult to see who came first and in what order. So a netizen decided to organize all the idols that came out from 1996 to 2008 into a nifty chart for easier viewing.

Found on various online forums, the chart listed the idols from 1996, starting from H.O.T, all the way to Davichi, who made its debut in 2008.


Also included on the list were first generation groups, Sechs Kies, Baby VOX, SES, Shinhwa, Fin.K.L, and g.o.d, along with the more recently known ones like Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and Girls’ Generation.


It was noted that all the pictures used on this chart were exceptionally unflattering.


Upon seeing the chart, netizens commented, “So idol groups started with H.O.T,” “I didn’t know Psy was considered an idol,” and “BoA is Psy’s senior!”


Photo Credit: Online Community
Source: enewsworld

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