[VIDEO/ME2DAY][Trans] Seungri’s Me2Day update greeting G-Dragon 120818

빅뱅의막내 승리가 리더 권지용형에게 생일축하메세지^_^ 

Tag: 사랑한다 권지용 나 버리지마……….

Video Translation:
Seungri: Today is Bigbang’s leader G-Dragon’s birthday. Congratulations for your 25th birthday sincerely HAHAHA GD, though i’m far away, I send you this video w/ all my heart congratulating -ur bday- I’m very looking forward to GD’s solo album which will be released soon & expect what kind of musics they will be. Kwon Jiyong, Ji yong hyung, I love you. since he’s not here, idk.. oh it’s burning, 1,2, 3! *blows* HAHAHA Hwaiting Ji Yong hyung!

Source: Seungri’s Me2day & wonderfulcrazyme @ Youtube
Credit: HuisuYoon for the trans

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