[NEWS] BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Personally Provides Teasers to Upcoming Album MV


Usually YG Entertainment takes care of promotions when its artists are about to make a comeback, but Big Bang’s G-Dragon is switching things up a bit and instead doing a little bit of self-promotion for his upcoming solo album.

During the period of three days from August 11 to 13, G-Dragon took to his Twitter to upload small teasers of his upcoming solo album. These teasers included photos of various things that happened on the set of his new music video set.

Some of the things that were included show a set with antique chairs and benches sitting in front of a wall that read ‘G-Dragon,’ an unseen man, presumably G-Dragon, wearing black and gold embedded boots with matching gold pants, and a spacious area that showcases different outfits encased in glass.

But the one spoiler that stood out the most was an elaborate origami flower that was made out of money, which attracted a lot of positive and negative attention. Netizens commented that by folding the paper money, G-Dragon was flaunting off his financial status as well as distorting government property. YG Entertainment has issued a statement, saying that the money flower is merely a prop for G-Dragon’s upcoming music video.
Also noted was the link, ‘http://xibgdrgnx.blogspot.kr/’ he posted on August 12, which led to a countdown clock, exciting fans that perhaps when time runs out his album will be released in time for G-Dragon’s birthday on August 18.

Photo credit: G-Dragon’s Twitter

Source: enewsworld

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