[NEWS] YG criticizes new MV pre-screening policy implemented by KMRB

CEO Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment, one of the top 3 entertainment agencies in Korea, strongly criticized the new pre-screening and evaluation system implemented by the Korea Media Rating Board for all music videos and footage uploaded online.

During a phone conversation with StarNews on August 7th, Yang Hyun Suk remarked, “In the early 90′s, we were often censored for coloring our hair back when I was promoting with Seotaiji & Boys. This new policy implemented by the Korea Media Rating Board reminds me of those days. I experienced ‘mental collapse’ after hearing about the news.”

“Implementing a policy where Music Videos must first be screened before being uploaded online is like splashing cold water over a situation where K-Pop is properly being spread to all the corners of the world,” he continued. “Instead of trying to be of any help in further spreading K-Pop to the world, I don’t understand why they have come up with a policy that only daunts the artists and the producers.”

“Every minute and every second is important when it comes to the production of the MV as well as promotions,” he continued. “We were planning on promoting G-Dragon‘s new album starting in mid-August, but it looks like we may have to rearrange our plans due to the new implementation. Psy‘s fresh and humorous “Gangnam Style” MV is going viral all over the world, but if this new policy gets implemented, we are going to have to think twice before we produce this kind of project again.”

“When it comes to public broadcasts, a lot of people tune in so I can somewhat understand the broadcasting company’s already-implemented screening system when it comes to music videos,” he explained. “But when it comes to the internet, [users] select to watch the footage they want, so implementing a pre-evalutation policy for not only music videos but teasers as well is a comical situation that does not exist anywhere in the world.”

He continued, “This is just placing yet another filter in the way of K-Pop spreading across the world, and an urgent debate needs to take place in regards to the new policy.”

Starting on August 18th, all music videos and teaser videos that are produced by any entertainment company (with the exception of the making-of clips and photos) must be first deliberately screened by the Korean Media Rating Board before being uploaded onto YouTube or any other portal sites on the internet.

The Korean Media Rating Board will take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to reach a conclusion after a request for evaluation has been made, however, by law they cannot take more than 14 days. Conducting the evaluation and screening process is the Korea Media Rating Board’s 7-member Video Classification sub-committee. The Korea Media Rating Board explained that this sub-committee is comprised of members who represent all levels of society.

Request for footage evaluation can be made starting on August 13th, and if a video is found to be uploaded onto the internet without first being screened, those responsible can be subject to fines up to $17,000 or even 2 years of probation.

The Korea Media Rating Board explained that this policy was implemented in an attempt to protect the youth, but most people in the K-Pop industry are not on board with the idea.

Source & Image: StarNews via Nate

cr: allkpop

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