[NEWS] G-Dragon Set to Come Back to MBC?


Will the viewers see G-Dragon on stage in MBC? G-Dragon’s possible appearance in MBC is slowly gaining more credibility as Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of the YG Entertainment, reportedly met with the management of the MBC’s entertainment division.

YG’s idol groups like 2NE1 and Big Bang were confined to SBS ‘Inkigayo’ when it came to their appearance in mainstream TV music chart programs. However, the recent appointment of Song Seung-jong, a man well-versed in TV music programs, to the post of the deputy director of the entertainment division, has given more credibility to the claims of YG’s return to the MBC.

G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, is set to come back with a solo album within this month, so his appearance in TV music programs are a highly anticipated affair. Big Bang, currently on their world tour, has taken to the Mainland China with high anticipation and approval of the local fans.

YG is known for their avoidance of their participation in TV music programs. Specifically, they have been expressing their distaste in the rankings given by these programs, and have stood by their conviction to only appear in stages where the quality of their performance is guaranteed. As a result, they have been embroiled in rumors of their resentment of specific broadcasting stations as well.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk, on the official blog of YG, has revealed last year that “the reason YG has been trying to reduce the number of appearance in TV shows is because we wish to care about our singers” and “the singers must participate in rehearsals and undergo so many preparations, just for the 3 minutes of their stage time. 2NE1, who needs to prepare for their hair and makeup, must start their preparations from 2 a.m., and if they have a schedule beforehand, they can’t even get some sleep before their performances.”

“While 2NE1 did not have much activities, like four weekly music shows, late-night music shows, commercials and photo shoots, performances, foreign activities, and radio programs, what I have seen during the past few months were their exhaustion, and their desperate wish for even an hour of sleep.”

“If YG adheres to the demands and the positions of the broadcasting companies, and strive more towards the bond with them, we will certainly have an easier life than now. However, the reason why we choose the hard way, regardless of knowing all these, is because we believe that there are promotions which is made more valuable by continuous efforts to strengthen and polish them, even with the cost of lesser numbers, than the promotions which succeed by sheer numbers.”

Source: koreanmovie.com

2 thoughts on “[NEWS] G-Dragon Set to Come Back to MBC?”

  1. I agree with YG their artists are more important 🙂 take care of them first not force them to do live shows for just 3 minutes of stage time and have no sleep its bad!!


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