[PHOTOS/TWITTER] G-Dragon’s Twitter Updates 120727

After his conversation with Taeyang, our twitter skaterboy tweeted a lot today ^^ seems like he’s enjoying his stay in Twitter and he’s got a free day today (aside from the travelling)

More updates ^^

Caption: 연예인 도촬

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: Celebrity’s photo taken secrectly (A/N:sneaky GD)



A/N: Congrats OnlyGDBar (a Chinese Fansite) weee!! 🙂 You must be so happy guys! ^^

Caption: Happy happy Birthday my man Omar!!

(A/N: Happy birthday! Omar is part of BIGBANG’s Band, who are also part of the Alive World Tour Concert)

Caption: 오늘은 사랑하는병훈이형생일!모두축하해줘요happy birthday!miss you K!선물뭐갖고싶어요?

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: Today is ByungHoon hyung’s birthday!Give him your blessings everybody. happy birthday!miss you K!What do you want to get for bday gift?

(A/N: Happy birthday Kush! Yes, ByungHoon is Kush ^^)


Translations: lucywinslet@forever-gdragon

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