[NEWS][Trans] BIGBANG featured in the Peruvian Newspaper “El Comercio” 120724

 The Korean band Big Bang is coming on the 14th of November to the Jockey Club of Peru with their 1st World Tour

The so called Kings of Korea. G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, members of the band Big Bang are the artists with the highest  record of both physical & digital sales in their country.
Their fifth album ALIVE sold more than 267.319 copies throughout  May. Their closest competitor got to 165.411 sales.

Are these numbers not enough for you? How about looking at the madness they cause in social networks?
Their MV MONSTER got 3 million views in YouTube only on it’s first day of release. They five interpreters, hip hop, R&B and pop dancers might be not as well known in the west as others groups but they have a great legion of fans here in PERU.

They are gonna be so excited to know that they are coming here on 14th of November in the Jockey Club of Peru. The k-pop group (Korean Pop) is coming as part of their world tour BIG BANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR,  for which they are visiting 16 countries. Only two for Latin America BRAZIL & PERU.

The band is gonna present the album ALIVE album. This one set a record because was the first Korean album to enter the Billboard 200, at number 150.
The tour is brought to us as a collaboration between the band&Live nation Entertainment . The company has organized world tours such as MADONA AND LADY GAGA’S, therefore a great stage is expected.
Television screens made them famous. Through “Big Bang documentary” aired in 2006 through the Korean channel MNET, young people fell in love with the k-pop band.

The documentary showed a entertaining side but also how one by one the members who wanted be part of the band before debuting were eliminated.
Three days after airing the last episode they gave their very first concert. The next year they released their first mini album ALWAYS. The single LIES, written by  G-DRAGON, was a massive hit.

From the very beginning the members were able to write and compose the lyrics of their own songs but they have also manage to maintain  solo careers of their own.
G-DRAGON AND SEUNGRI are also solo artists, while Taeyang has studied acting&cinema at DEAJIM UNIVERSITY.
Daesung has branched  into the musical theather field -he was part of cast for korean musical CATS- and he has experience MC-ing television shows.
T.O.P has focused on his acting career. Until now he has appeared in three shows.


Their followers are very important people. That’s why they are not just “fans”. They are VIP. In Peru there are thousands of them. Like Allison Espinoza and Roxi Guillen adm of Big Bang Fans PERU.
For them, “Being a VIP doesn’t mean being a fan. To us means support them y lways be part of their bright future”. The Fan Club BIG BANG IS GREAT PERU has more than 12 000 followers on Facebook. Most of them from our country. For Evelyn, the admin, there is so much more to say about them:
“It is not just that i like them, i fell in love with them through their music, My respect toward them also increased just knowing that the support various charitable causes”

MORE INFO THE CONCERT: Date: Wednesday November 14th PLACE: Jockey Club of Peru Tickets: The tickets go on sale August 1st.

In the up coming days KANDAVU PRODUCTIONS will give information about the tickets prices in their Facebook page.

Source:El Commercio

Shared by @UKBIGBANG


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