[NEWS] Big Bang Makes First Official Visit to China 120721

China shook with Big Bang′s every step.

2,000 fans welcomed Big Bang to China at Shanghai′s Pudong Airport, where the group entered the country on July 20 for its Alive Galaxy Tour 2012.

The fans held up placards with messages written in Korean and screamed whenever they caught a glimpse of anything related to Big Bang, even staff members.

As soon as the group started moving, the fans followed in taxis to the venue where the group was to hold its rehearsal.

Just before the rehearsal, Big Bang held a press conference with the local press and said, “If our China tour goes well this year, we want to meet with our Chinese fans again next year. We′re always open to opportunities to work with other Chinese artists, too.”

About its Alive Galaxy Tour 2012, which will travel through 25 cities in 16 countries, the group said, “It′s already been six years since we made our debut, and we want to communicate with people everywhere in the world through our music in this tour.”

Big Bang kicked off its tour in Seoul with Live Nation in March and plans to have more concerts in Asia, America and Europe.

The group gathered 150,000 fans for its Japan concerts in May and June, and in China it plans to entertain 30,000 fans with concerts in Shanghai on July 21, Guangzhou on July 28 and Beijing on August 4.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Source: eNewsWorld

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