[NEWS] Big Bang Nominated for Best Album Jacket in Japan

After winning praise and awards for its style, music and more, Big Bang is now receiving recognition for its album jacket.

On July 18, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) released its list of nominees for itsMusic Jacket Gallery 2012, which recognizes the best album jacket designs of albums released in Japan.

In its list, Big Bang’s limited edition version of its Japanese best album The Best of Big Bang, which was released in November of last year, was nominated in the limited edition category with 14 other nominees.

The limited edition The Best of Big Bang album jacket features an array of individual pictures of the Big Bang members to form a collage that highlights the group’s name Big Bang

The Music Jacket Award takes into consideration albums that were released in Japan between April of the previous year through March of the current year.
After tallying the votes of the public on the nominees, the RIAJ will announces the winners in October.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment
Source: Enewsworld

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