[NEWS] Big Bang teams up with Samsung for their ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour’

Having embarked on their world tour, Big Bang has announced an upgrade as they’ve joined hands with Samsung to bring you the ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012‘ rather than ‘Alive Tour 2012‘.

As leaders of Korea in their own respective fields, their meeting is drawing much interest to see how the two will be able to advance Hallyu with their collaboration.

The ‘Alive Galaxy Tour’ will see Big Bang’s modern music style and Samsung’s Galaxy series of electronics come together by providing a new dimension of experience that incorporates music and smartphone capabilities.

YG Entertainment commented, “We are very glad to be holding the world tour with Samsung Electronics, who has provided the solid foundation for the spread of Hallyu and brought Korea’s name to places all over the world… Big Bang’s world tour, which is a an important indication of the potential progress of Hallyu, has gained strength with Samsung’s sponsorship, and the members have been able to concentrate even more on the concerts to show the best of themselves to fans all over the world.”

Samsung also didn’t hold back their praises for Big Bang as they stated, “We thought this was a good opportunity for us to see the spread of Hallyu and meet with the youth market all over the world with Korea’s representative musician, Big Bang, through the ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012′. This is not a typical one-time sponsorship, we will be sponsoring the world tour long term and establish a new culture code that helps enrich the lives of customers through the meeting of Big Bang and Samsung’s Galaxy.”

The tour organizer, Live Nation, also welcomed the partnership. “We believe that this tour with Big Bang and Samsung will be a perfect partnership between the representative brands of Korea… Live Nation is glad to be able to deliver Big Bang and Samsung to the fans all over the world, and believe that this tour will upgrade Big Bang as well as Samsung by another level.”

Source: YG Entertainment, allkpop.com


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