[NEWS] Big Bang’s Second Fan Meeting in Japan Attracts 42,000 Fans

Big Bang has held a successful fan meeting with fans in Japan.

On July 4, Japan’s Asahi Digital covered Big Bang’s first fan meetings in Japan in three years.

Attracting some 42,000 fans, the events, held for Big Bang’s Japanese fan club ‘VIP Japan’ were held on July 1 in Kobe’s World Commemoration Hall and Tokyo’s Budokan on July 3.

The Big Bang members held a talk session and games corner, and also performed a total of seven tracks live, including Fantastic Baby and Monster.

Unfortunately, member T.O.P. was missing in action, as he had to film for his upcoming movie.

He expressed his regrets through a video message saying, “I’m very sad I couldn’t take part in our first fan club meeting in three years. I will return the favor to everyone with this movie.”

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