[NEWS] Jeju Air to sell Big Bang airplane model packages


Back in April, Big Bang made headlines when the members took flight in the form of having their photo painted on a Jeju Air plane. Not only does the plane fly domestically, but also between Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, generating a ton of buzz for both Big Bang and Jeju Air.

Now, Jeju Air is giving fans a chance to have their own Big Bang airplane model! The airplane model will be given to those who book a Seoul or Busan round-trip ticket from Hong Kong, departing between now and July 12th. Prices start around $270USD. This event is expected to create a surge in bookings due to Big Bang’s popularity.


Additionally, there are some big events planned for Big Bang. This includes an album release and concert for G-Dragon in August, Seungri’s Japanese activities, as well as continuous touring for the group, including stops in Los Angeles and New Jersey.


Source: koreaboo

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