[NEWS] BIGBANG and TEEN TOP have many similarities?

Big Bang and TEEN TOP are attracting interest from fans for the many parallelisms they seem to share.

On the June 21st broadcast of SBS E!‘s ‘K Star News‘, it was revealed that there were many similarities between the two idol groups.

The first case in point was the similarity between Big Bang’s T.O.P and TEEN TOP‘s C.A.P.

Both T.O.P and C.A.P are the leaders and rappers of their respective groups and are known for wearing their own trademark sunglasses.  They also both adopted three-letter English stage names and were born on November 4th.

Furthermore, when TEEN TOP first debuted, C.A.P wrote on his personal profile that his role model was T.O.P and that he would like to become close with him.

Also, some of the members of both groups seemed to have had the same hairstyle at one point. TEEN TOP’ Ricky and T.O.P both have donned the “jandi” hairstyle, while C.A.P and Big Bang’s Daesung have both had a haircut in which their bangs cover one of their eye, and TEEN TOP’s L. Joe and Big Bang’s G-Dragon have had red hair.

In addition, Big Bang’s T.O.P shares the same name with TEEN TOP’s agency, T.O.P Media, which is owned by Shinhwa‘s Andy, who released a hit song called “T.O.P” with Shinhwa back in 1999.

Moreover, another similarity between Big Bang and TEEN TOP was the one-year age gap between each of the members in their respective groups.  Starting from the youngest to the oldest, in Big Bang, Seungri was born in 1990, Daesung in 1989, G-Dragon and Taeyang in 1988, and T.O.P in 1987. In TEEN TOP, Ricky and Changjo were born in 1995, Niel in 1994, L.Joe and Chunji in 1993, and C.A.P in 1992.

When the last two digits of both the Big Bang and TEEN TOP’s members birth years are added, it equals 1004. In Korean, the number 1004 can be pronounced as “chun-sah”, which also means Angel. Angel also happens to be the name of TEEN TOP’s fanclub, and additionally, the first letter of five of Big Bang’s hit songs, “Always“, “Number1“, “Goodbye Baby“, “Everything“, “La La La” spell out the word ‘ANGEL’.

Likewise, G-Dragon recorded a commercial with Song Hae Na, who also recently featured in TEEN TOP’s latest music video for “To You“.

In addition, TEEN TOP’s Ricky and G-Dragon were both child actors before they debuted as a boy group.

Lastly, the real name of L.Joe, who is widely known for being a big fan of G-Dragon, is Lee Byung Hyun. Similarly, the A-list actor Lee Byung Hun has stated that the only idol group he is a fan of is Big Bang.

Source: ‘K-Star News’ via allkpop
Video Source: zzingnuna

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