[NEWS] G-Dragon and Taeyang Post Photos with Japanese Jung Hyung Don

Big Bang has found Jung Hyung Don’s doppelganger in Japan.

On June 14, G-Dragon posted a picture on his me2day with the caption, “Hyung Don hyung are you watching? A staff member on a Japanese broadcast! Wow, what a surprise. Isn’t he so similar?

Taeyang later tweeted his picture with the same staff member tweeting, “Hyung Don hyung who I met in Japan.

The pictures showed a mushroom-haired G-Dragon and another of Taeyang posing next to a broadcast staff member in Japan.

Netizens almost did a double-take, as the staff member was eerily similar, in both looks and body, to comedian/singer Jung Hyung Don.

Netizens commented saying, “Are they long-lost brothers?”, “This is truly the definition of a doppelganger” and “When did Jung Hyung Don start working at a Japanese broadcast station?”.

Source: eNewsworld

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