[NEWS] Girls’ Generation & Big Bang continue to dominate the CF market 120607

There have been a number of celebrities who have dominated the CF market, shooting a wide variety of CFs for different corporations. But the top advertisement model status for the past year went to none other than Girls’ Generation.

According to Korea’s largest advertisement information site TV CF, Girls’ Generation had made appearances in 26 CFs since June 5th of last year. The total number takes into consideration CFs filmed by a single member, as well as the CFs the girls filmed as an entire group.

2nd place went to popular idol group Big Bang. For the past year, the boys have filmed a total of 24 CFs including endorsements for Sunny10Naver Music App, and more. Idol groups such as Big Bang and Girls’ Generation are usually the top choices for corporations when it comes to selecting advertisement models.

In third place was actress Kim Tae Hee who endorses ElastineBlacksmithFrench Café, and more, while actor Kim Soo Hyun, who to rose to fame after taking on a role in hit drama series ‘Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ came in fourth place.

Actor Won Bin who filmed 20+ CFs in the last year for K2MaximTOP, LG Cinema 3D SmartTV, and more came in 5th place. Girls’ Generation member YoonA who also filmed 20 CFs tied for fifth place. In addition to filming CFs with her fellow group members, YoonA is also an independent model for brands such as Innisfree.

The nation’s favorite figure skater Kim Yuna and multi-talented star Lee Seung Gi each filmed 17 CFs in the past year and tied for 7th place, while actor Gong Yoo and JYJ member Yoochun who each filmed 16 CFs in the past year both came in 10th place.

Source & Image: asiae; allkpop

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