[NEWS] YG: “How Could I Have Delayed G-Dragon’s Marijuana Incident from Being Revealed?”

During Big Bang G-Dragon’s marijuana incident, many believed that somehow YG of YG Entertainment had delayed the news of G-Dragon being found guilty of having smoked marijuana, breaking out.

During the episode of “Healing Camp” broadcast on May 21, YG talked about G-Dragon’s marijuana incident. He revealed that he did not somehow delay the news from breaking out.

YG stated, “YG Entertainment somehow delayed the news of G-Dragon’s marijuana incident breaking out? I think you are overestimating me. I don’t have any ability to affect that. I don’t know anybody in that area how could I block the news from spreading? If I tried to stop the news from breaking out something worse would have happened.”

Also about G-Dragon and Daesung’s probably having comeback too early, he stated “I think that response was reasonable. However, their coming back was a standard tactic in this situation. I chose that Big Bang should comeback. Actually, G-Dragon and Daesung were not ready to comeback.”

Source: Soompi.com


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