[NEWS/VIDEO] CTV “BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 IN JAPAN Airport Arrival Video Coverage 120516

cr: @YT

A/N: It’s time for Japanese VIPs to witness and enjoy BIGBANG’s Alive World Tour. Congrats JVIPs! I can’t wait to witness their fancams. I hope our Kwon Leader will get to showcase his Japanese skills ^^. Their airport fashion is as always amazing. They always look like they’re bound for some catwalk than the plane itself. With Big Bang’s fashion leader, G-Dragon, with his notable beanie and denim clothing (a boy-next-door type), TOP with his suit (which earns him a very professional look), Taeyang with his cap and clothes with a hiphop jive, Daesung with his blonde hair and rolled up polo sleeves, and of course SeungRi’s sporting a black scarf, just an addition to his black and white color scheme. I hope they got the right amount of sleep and rest before they took off for Japan. JVIPs~ please do take care of our oppas! ^^ Enjoy the concerts for the rest of the IVIPs who will not be able to experience the excitement of watching BIGBANG in person. For the rest of the IVIPs who are lucky enough to have their own countries included in the locations for the Alive World Tour, let us wait in anticipation and be ready for what Big Bang has prepared for us. Hwaiting VIPs and BIGBANG. Together wherever and whenever. ^^

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