[PHOTOS/INFO][Screencap] Malaysia and Philippines confirmed for Big Bang’s Alive World Tour 2012 120515

 Source: BIGBANG’s Official Facebook

Finally, YG has decided to release at least 2 more (aside from Korea and Japan) Asian countries for the tour. After a few months of waiting. Whew! At last some of the VIPs can now breathe. Hopefully, YGE would release the rest of the list of countries as soon as possible so that we can have more time to prepare. Seeing our kings would be more than a dream come true! I swear I think I’m gonna die that instant they step on the stage. But nooo~ how would I be able to witness their awesomeness if I die. /excusemeformyincoherentspazzes. But really, I do hope all of us get a chance to see Big Bang. For some, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity (including me, I guess) so let’s grab this chance, VIPs. Let save save save our money! The Kings are coming their way for world domination!

They are coming with a BANG and let’s welcome them with a BANG! Kekeke. Congratulations Malaysian and Filipino VIPs! Hopefully, the details of the tour will be posted soon so everyone can get ready.

We’ll post the details here as soon as announcements are made as well as for the 5 countries. Let’s not lose hope! Hwaiting Bigbang and VIPs!



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