[NEWS] Taiwanese media on Big Bang, “The leaders of Hallyu”


Group Big Bang‘s press conference in Taiwan has made the headlines of several Taiwanese newspapers.

Big Bang members made a brief appearance on the 10th through a press conference instead of a concert, but even so several daily newspapers in Taiwan have featured Big Bang in their headline news. Taiwan’s Freedom Newspaper reported on the 11th, “Big Bang, the leaders of hallyu (Korean wave) have visited Taiwan”, and they reported thoroughly Big Bang’s activities during their stay in Taiwan.

In particular, G-Dragon’s comment regarding Taiwanese female star, Jolin Tsai, sparked a lot of interest, after he said, “I think it would be good to do collaboration work with Jolin Tsai.” The female star has previous experience working with Rain, so her working with G-Dragon is also looked as a highly possible scenario.

Next stop for Big Bang is Japan and 5 cities await their performance.

Source: Nate
Translated by JJ @ kpopfever.com, Soompi



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