[NEWS] Sandara Park reveals that G-Dragon has too much charm


On the broadcast of Strong Heart YG Family Special, 2NE1′s Gong Minzy revealed the topic “G-Dragon has a prince charming syndrome”. Dara showing her approval said “G-Dragon is too charming”.

Sandara Park added, “Before, I appeared on a broadcast and I was asked about G-Dragon and TOP. I revealed then that G-Dragon was my ideal man because there was a time where he grabbed my snowboard to help me out and I was really touched by what he did.”

Then she said “After that statement I made on broadcast, G-Dragon approached me and told me ‘You should’ve confessed that to me in person, why did you have to say that on broadcast?’” Dara also said “He was then teasing me”.

G-Dragon jokingly stated “It’s my habit” which evoked laughter.

Source: Nate News
Translation: ilove2NE1girls/WWB_TRANSLATOR@WWB

2 thoughts on “[NEWS] Sandara Park reveals that G-Dragon has too much charm”

  1. o.o G Dragon you does that on purpose :p & dara you are too vunerable and if I was you I wouldnt say a word about this Idk I would feel ashamed to say these kinds of things, dara is brave & outstanding, Im to shy & conservative


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