[NEWS] Strong Heart’s “YG Special” #1 in viewership Ratings

Ratings on the 28th, according to research firm AGB Nielsen Media Research reached an audience of 11.6%! nationally! This is 2.4% increase from the previous Strong Heart episode which reached 9.2% in viewer ratings. Ratings in Seoul jumped from 11.3% to 13.8%.

The news of the broadcast had brought much excitement, with the promise of most YGE artists including; Big Bang, 2NE1, Seven, Psy, Tablo, Sean as well as Gummy. Moreover the actual show did not disappoint, as the artists livened up the variety show with their chemistry. Sharing cute and funny stories about each other as well as unique performances with SBS viewers!

On the same time-slot, viewership rating were 2.6% for KBS’s Win Win and 3.4% for MBC’s 100 Min Talk, SBS definitely came out on top, Thanks to the YG Family effect!


Source: Naver 
Translation: @kristinekwak at bigbangupdates

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