[NEWS][120222] ‘The 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’, Big Bang takes April & 2NE1 takes May

Groups Big Bang and 2NE1 took the ‘Artists of the Year Award’.

‘The 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’ took place at 7pm on February 22nd (time in Korea) at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

Big Bang became the ‘Artists of the Year’ taking the #1 spot for the April of 2011 with ‘Love Song’. Big Bang were not able to attend the Awards ceremony due to schedule issues so a representative of YG Entertainment received the award on their behalf.

Labelmate 2NE1 were also named the ‘Artists of the Year’ with the #1 spot for the May of 2011 with ‘Lonely’.

‘The Artists of the Year Award’ is given to an artist(s) for each month and then again for each quarter for a total of 16 possible awards in the year with possible overlaps.

On/Offline Entertainment Media Star News and Gaon Chart co-sponsored ‘The 1st Gaon Chart K-pop Awards’ and objectivity and fairness was the top priority. The award winners were determined based on Gaon’s aggregate data (digital music, album sales).

‘The 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’ gave recognition to not only the artists but the production companies, music distributors, online service providers, composers, lyricists, choreographers, stylists and others who work in the music industry.

‘The 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’ was broadcast live on KBS N Drama/Joy. It is scheduled to broadcast in Japan as well.

Source: Money Today via Nate
Translated by: CERIDWEN @ KPOPfever

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