[MISC][Translation] BIGBANG’s Talk – Seungri’s Part


Interviewer: What is your existence in Bigbang?
Seungri: I might be just a small or big person in Bigbang but I realized that I cannot lose my light. When all five members are shining, Bigbang shines. If one member loses his light, there is no Bigbang anymore.

Interviewer: What is your biggest stress/pressure these days?
Seungri: The comeback date has already been decided. We are just waiting for that day. I want to come back soon. I feel as if my heart would break. I can’t keep down my craving. Last year was very painful for us. We have prepared a lot, got ready and made us stronger. Also my heart is beating now. These are my pleasant stress. And I’m curious of people’s reaction. I still remember their faces when Bigbang had our debut. I want to see them again. They were really surprised. Their faces were like, “What are they doing?”, “Where did they come from?”, “What are they wearing?”, “What is that music and dancing?” and “What is that expression?”. I have changed a lot. Maybe you will say, “Oh my god, is that Seungri?”

Interviewer: If you have a chance to make a song, what do you like to make?
Seungri: Although many people sympathize with LOVE, I want to make a song about us. There were songs saying “Yay! We are the best. We are like this!” However, there isn’t any songs about “What are we?”. I want to make a song that shows when we are upset, sad, happy or just what we are feeling about.

Interviewer: What do you think about this album?
Seungri: I think we’ve never prepared for any album more than this. ALIVE album is the most well-prepared album than all of Bigbang’s previous albums. Though we had made our comeback many times, all staffs and Bigbang members are very tensed. We are ready and almost prepared. This album will be a big present for our fans who are always waiting and loving us.

Interviewer: Tell me about BLUE.
Seungri: Lyrics like “Winter is gone and spring is coming…” imply many things. When people are in pain, eventually happy days must be coming. You will be able to feel that BLUE makes you get over your pain. All five members recorded their voices very warmly. It is the best song to welcome the spring.

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Translation by: lucywinslet@forever-gdragon
Edited by: jinhichole18@forever-gdragon
Source: DCBB


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