[NEWS] KBS on YGE’s ‘Demands’ for Big Bang’s Comeback

The conflict between YG Entertainment and “Music Bank” seems to be getting deeper as Big Bang’s comeback draws nearer. “Music Bank” representatives have revealed today that YG Entertainment had made an explicit request for a 10 minute comeback stage.

An interview with Music Bank’s PD Kim Sang Ho and PD Kwon Jae Young on March 4th revealed, “YG Entertainment specifically asked for a 10 minute comeback stage for Big Bang. There has never been an artist who was allotted 10 minutes for a stage in Music Bank’s history.”

They continued, “TVXQ, BoA, and 2NE1 were all given seven minutes. By asking for 10 minutes, they’re saying that they want to perform three to four songs, but that is out of the question. We have to consider terms of fairness for the other artists. We understand that it is a request that a company is allowed to make. However, the fact that they are publicly making it seem like this is an issue of broadcast company tyranny, when they are the ones who refused to perform if they were not given what they wanted, is something we absolutely cannot understand.”

“If they had instead reasoned that they were not able to express what they wanted with a limited number of tracks, and made a subsequent request to lengthen it, we would have been understanding and cooperative. But we, too, have a program to balance. It’s hypocritical for them to refuse to appear on the program if we don’t acquiesce, while at the same time, making this entire issue out like our company was a tyrant to the public.”

Allegedly, “Music Bank” reasoned to YG Entertainment that it would be difficult to give them 10 full minutes, as it would give the impression that they were giving special treatment to YGE artists; not to mention the fact that it would be outright unfair for other artists.

The two PDs continued, “We will request another appearance from Big Bang if they are nominated for the ‘K-Chart’ next week. Whether they appear or not is their decision, this is not something we can make a problem out of. It’s extremely difficult for us to understand their sense of entitlement.”

PD Kwon concluded, “In the case of SNSD’s ‘Hoot‘ promotions, we only decided on the number of tracks after they agreed to appear on the program. At the time, because of an imbalance with the comebacks of other artists, they settled on a one-track comeback. We have to take fairness into account, and an average comeback stage consists of two tracks. The fact that YG Entertainment is asking us why we’re taking fairness into account is odd reasoning on their end.”

Source: Newsen via Nate | AKP

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