[VIDEO][CUTS][11.02.15] G-Dragon and Seungri at Studio23 DaRap + translation

Kpop parts started at 1:10

Here’s the translation:

“Since it’s Valentines today and because we love all kpop fans we will give you a sweet treat. Get ready because we will take a sneak peak into your favorite kpop celebrities’ love life. ”


“First on the list is the not-so-happy-ending of Seungri and his non-celebrity girlfriend.”


“I used to have somebody I love. But not long ago we broke up.”

“Despite the success of his solo activities now, he is experiencing an emotional pace because of his break-up with his non-celebrity girlfriend. He admitted that Lies, Heartbreaker and I need a Girl are all about his former girl friend.” [I guess they got their information wrong. >.< Someone should inform them about it >.<]

*skips to G-Dragon and Dara Park part. starts at 2:15*”


“And finally, here is the sweet news of Dara Park admitting that G-Dragon is her ideal guy. Many felt giddy with what Sandara said because her chemistry with G-Dragon can easily be seen in their performances. And now the fans are commenting and hoping that their sweetness will end up real in real life.” [I couldn’t think of any other word for giddy. -.- This part can be translated into another way but I decided this is much better to use. ^^]

Do take note this is my own translation and there could be other ways to translate it. ^^

Source: OfficialDaraGon@Youtube

Translated by: jinhichole18@gdsdesires

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